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Business Culture Design

The discussion of corporate culture often remains rather vague and is not very specific and tangible. The Culture Map makes culture tangible, discussable and shapeable.



The Basis

A Culture Map represents cultural patterns based on seven value clusters, of which each is named by a color. These patterns show the characteristics of a culture.

Worldwide numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations rely on the Culture Map method.

Development of a Culture Map

Culture Mapping combines the quantitative findings from company-specific online surveys with the actual experiences in a company.

The Culture Map model is based on Memetics, the science of cultural evolution. It therefore integrates scientific work and innovative theories with practical insights gained from working with a variety of companies. In workshops, participants develop Culture Maps of their own company – and thus make culture discussable and shapeable.


The book Business Culture Design (Campus, 2016) provides detailed information on the Culture Map. The author of the Culture Map approach is Simon Sagmeister. Culture Map® and Business Culture Design® are registered trademarks of The Culture Institute AG.


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